Milling Around: A Newsletter from the Motor Mill Foundation of Clayton County

Milling Around: A Newsletter from the Motor Mill Foundation of Clayton County

Number 19: Winter 2011 (Download as a PDF)

Turkey River Recreational Corridor

The Iowa Great Places Turkey River Recreational Corridor project connects the towns of Clermont, Elgin, and Elkader along with Motor Mill. The common mission of the corridor is to develop and enhance the existing natural resource base of the Turkey River Corridor through the creation of land and water trail infrastructure.

Each town has decided on four specific projects for their community. Some of the projects include a trail system within town, river front development, welcoming and wayfinding signage, streetscapes and park development.

At Motor Mill, the four projects include a trail connecting Pony Hollow to Motor Mill, replacement of the Motor Mill bridge, building restoration, and flood control.

Turkey River Water Trail

The Turkey River Water Trail is a cooperative effort between the Fayette and Clayton County Conservation Boards and RC&D. The water trail was funded through an Iowa DNR grant. The Turkey River Water Trail starts at Goulsburg Park in Fayette County and will run all the way to the Mississippi River.

When completed and designated, the Turkey River Water Trail will provide several features. The first is a water trail map. Th ewater trail map provides information on camping, canoe access points, what you can expect to see, times and distances between each access point and contact information. There will also be a description of each section of river to help you plan your canoe trip.

Several kiosks along the way will be found in varies locations in each county. The kiosks will provide some of the same information as the map but will also provide site specific information as well.

The grant also provided funding for wayfinding signs from major roads to the river access points, informational signs at the access points and si

gns providing distances to the next stop along the way.

Currently the project is near completion. Maps have been printed, wayfinding signs installed, and the kiosks will be installed Spring and Early Summer 2012.

Motor Mill Bridge

The Clayton County Conservation Board received $432,427 from FEMA for the replacement of the north half of the Motor Mill Bridge that was destroyed in the 2008 flood.

The work includes cleaning and tuck pointing the joints on the north, center and south abutments and pier. The funds also include purchase and erecting the north span of the bridge which was destroyed in the 2008 flood. Additionally, they included funding to raise the bridge by four feet which would take it above the high water mark one foot.

The Conservation Board and the Motor Mill Foundation have started the process to raise additional funding to complete the south span and make the bridge open to cars, pickups, and pedestrian traffic.

At the January meeting of the Conservation Board, the board hired an engineering firm to begin the design phase of the bridge. Our plan is to design a pin connected pratt through truss bridge using modern materials and raise it four feet. This will give the bridge the same look as the original iron bridge.

Currently we are estimating a completion date in the summer of 2012.

Motor Mill Trail

The Conservation Board had applied for a Statewide Enhancement Grant through the Iowa DOT in October. The grant was for a multi-use trail that will connect Pony Hollow Trail to Motor Mill. We were notified this month that we received the grant for $605,576. The funding will become available on October 1, 2011. The grant funds are distributed through federal funding and follows the federal fiscal budget. In the meantime we will be starting some preliminary design work and additional fund raising for the project.

Motor Mill Basement Project

Funding has been received from FEMA for the removal of silt in the mill basement and tuck and point masonry joints on the mill damaged from the flood of 2008. Currently, plans are being developed to move forward with this project.

Motor Mill Campground

Due to the flood of 2008, the Conservation Board had to drill a new well out of the flood plain along with a well house and water system. The project was completed in the fall of 2010 and water will be available at the campground in 2011.

Join Us

The Motor Mill Foundation is made up of dedicated volunteers from diverse backgrounds. They meet regularly for planning or work projects.

Nested within the foundation is our Friends of Motor Mill group (FMM). Our friends share information, gain support for and help on various endeavors. To sign up, contact us at:

Motor Mill Foundation of Clayton County
29862 Osborne Rd.
Elkader, Iowa 52043
[email protected]

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