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The Iowa Geological and Water Survey is an indispensable partner in the Turkey River Watershed Alliance, allowing those of us in the Turkey River Watershed to implement water quality monitoring and assessment, complete GIS analysis, participate in outreach activities and programs like Project A.W.A.R.E. and IOWATER, and gain a better understanding of the geology and groundwater systems that are critical to how the watershed functions.… Read more ›

West Union Green Streets Pilot Project showcases innovative sustainable design strategies including permeable pavements, pedestrian crosswalk treatments, rain gardens, energy efficient lighting, and a district-wide geothermal heating and cooling system. The project includes the complete renovation of 6 downtown blocks and will replace aging water, storm and sanitary sewer infrastructure.

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Permeable Pavement and Rain Gardens… Read more ›

As an Iowa Great Place, The Turkey River Corridor is unique in its geographic size and potential. It truly is a regional great place. The communities of Clermont, Elgin and Elkader in Fayette and Clayton Counties are linked by the special, scenic beauty of the Turkey River corridor. Visitors relish in the abundance of wooded hills and rich rolling plains, streams and rivers, diverse wildlife and recreational opportunities.… Read more ›

Updates on the Turkey River Recreational Corridor, Turkey River Water Trail, Motor Mill Bridge, Motor Mill Trail, Motor Mill Basement Project, Motor Mill Campground, and becoming a member of the Motor Mill Foundation

Clayton County CAN is a brand new non-profit organization and grassroots network with a vision of creating a more unified and inspired voice for conservation and the generations to come.

Learn more at, and consider attending the next event or meeting.… Read more ›