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Iowa Flood Center Precipitation Gages and Soil Moisture Probes

Access Rainfall and Soil Moisture/Temperature Data using the Iowa Flood Information System and any of the following three methods

METHOD 1 (Step by step instructions)
  1. Visit
  2. Launch IFIS >>
  3. Click Launch IFIS (View Screenshot)
  4. From the dashboard, click LAUNCH in the STATE OVERVIEW tab. (View Screenshot)
  5. Click Rain/Soil Moisture Gauges under the DATA RESOURCES tab. 
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XPOL Radars in Iowa’s Turkey River basin

Finding a location for two of the four University of Iowa XPOL radars was easy. They will remain at their current home base locations near Iowa City and Cedar Rapids overlooking the Clear Creek Watershed for the IFloodS campaign.  For the other two destined for the Turkey River basin in northeast Iowa — well, there was work to be done.

As is typical, finding the “ideal” radar locations proved to be challenging. … Read more ›