<a title="Turkey River Whitewater Brochure" href="http://www.elkader-iowa.com/City_Hall/whitewater-brochure.pdf">Download the Turkey River Whitewater Brochure</a> (PDF)
  • September 13, 2012 (Des Moines) – The Vision Iowa Board, through the RECAT program, awarded $62,000 to a Turkey River project that includes developing a whitewater feature at the low-head dam in Elkader. The smaller of the two dams in Elkader will be modified with special placement of large and small habitat boulders and a wave catalyst structure.
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Report by Larry Stone:

More than 60 adults and youth gained a greater appreciation of the Turkey River last Saturday at Turkey River Rocks! sponsored by Iowa Rivers Revival and a great group of local hosts and supporters. IRR board members Jerry Peckumn and Susan Heathcote were part of the crew for this special day of river activities that began in Elkader with a welcome by Elkader’s Mayor Robert C.… Read more ›

AMES — Many of Iowa’s river towns are again embracing their waterfronts, and with good reason, according to a new statewide river use study by Iowa State University.

The ISU study showed overall economic impact from river recreation along 73 Iowa river and stream segments supported more than 6,350 jobs with $824 million in sales and $130 million of personal income.… Read more ›

By Orlan Love, Cedar Rapids Gazette “Iowans are looking at their rivers in a more positive light, and that’s good for all of us,” said Nate Hoogeveen, river programs manager for the Department of Natural Resources. The heightened status of rivers, he said, has coincided with a nationwide surge in the popularity of paddle sports and with state and local initiatives to make rivers more accessible and attractive to recreationists. More Iowans are spending more time on their rivers, expanding the constituency for clean water and recreational opportunities, said Larry Stone of Elkader, a member of the Clayton County Conservation Board. The magic of moving water is often transformative, said Brian Soenen, founder and coordinator of the DNR’s Project AWARE, which in nine years has coordinated 2,152 volunteers who have removed more than 200 tons of trash from 700 miles of rivers. http://thegazette.com/2012/03/18/interest-in-iowa-rivers-surges/

What’s Project AWARE? Think RAGBRAI, but with a splash of ecotourism, a focus on river cleanup, and a whole lot of fun!

Little Turkey, Turkey & Volga Rivers (July 9-16, 2011)

  • River Miles: 88 miles
  • Participants: 429
  • Sponsors: 104
  • Trash Recycled: 96% (62,082 lbs)
  • Total Trash Removed: 64,722 lbs (32 Tons)
Visit the Project AWARE website to find out more about the project and learn where it will take place in 2012!
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ELGIN — The Turkey River Water Trail, stretching 98 miles from Gouldsburg Park to the Mississippi River, officially opened Wednesday with a dedication ceremony at Gilbertson Park.

The trail, featuring 21 access points and 250 signs, will make one of Iowa’s most scenic and popular streams more accessible to the public, said Todd Robertson, river programs outreach coordinator for the Department of Natural Resources.… Read more ›

Eight dam warning signs were recently placed above and below the Clermont Dam, and over the coming weeks, more than 200 additional signs will be placed along the 98-mile water trail from Fayette County's Gouldsburg Park to the Mississippi River. The map and new wayfinding signage will make it easier for river users to plan their trips, and on-water navigational signage (on bridges and at each river access point) will create a safer and more enjoyable experience.