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© Northeast Iowa RC&D, Ross Evelsizer(December 2013)
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Summary: The landowner/resident survey was sent out at the beginning of September 2013 to 1,500 randomly selected rural landowners and city residents in the Turkey River Watershed (TRW). One thousand of the surveys went to landowners and 500 went to city
© Iowa Flood Center, Larry Weber(June 2013)
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Summary: Overview —- Phase II Modeling Update — – Development, inputs, outputs – Monitoring – Phase II Projects — – Timeline – Next Steps
© Dubuque SWCD, Eric Schmechel(June 2013)
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© Fehr Graham Engineering, Jon Biederman(June 2013)
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© Bob Libra, Iowa Geological and Water Survey(June 2013)
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© Clayton SWCD, Eric Palas, IDALS-DSC(January 2013)
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Summary: Past – Update the Turkey River Watershed Management Authority on Previous Water Quality Improvement Efforts within Clayton County Present – Review Ongoing Efforts in the Silver Creek Watershed Future – Identify Clayton Soil & Water Conservation District Watershed Efforts Beyond
© Calvin Wolter, Iowa DNR, Iowa Geological and Water Survey, Mike Bounk(June 2012)
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© Robin Bostrom(June 2012)
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Summary: West Union, Iowa Creating a sustainable, green model community . . . A new green streetscape planned for completion in 2012 incorporating • Permeable pavement system •Rain gardens & bio-retention cells •Energy efficient lighting •Pedestrian friendly streets & sidewalks •New
© Iowa Flood Center, Larry Weber(June 2012)
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Summary: – Introduction to IIHR and Iowa Flood Center – Project background – Phase I – Hydrologic assessment & modeling approach  Phase II – Project design & implementation – Describe project timeline – Data and information needs – Present project
© Carrie Davis, Fayette SWCD(June 2012)
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© Tanya Meyer-Dideriksen, USDA-NRCS(June 2012)
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© Mike Welvaert, National Weather Service(June 2012)
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Summary: History of Turkey Basin NWS Products/Services Overview of Recent Floods – 2008 / 2004 / 1999 Heavy Rainfall! Observed Flooding Impacts on Public/Partners • Outreach ideas Inundation Mapping
© Jon Nania(June 2012)
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© Bruce Goetsch(June 2012)
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© Chris Kahle, Scott Ralston(June 2012)
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© USGS(March 2012)
Concentrations-Loads-and-Yields-of-Select-Constituents-from-Major-Tributaries-of-the-Mississippi-and-Missouri-Rivers-in-Iowa-Water-Years-2004–2008.pdf download View | Download
Summary: Excess nutrients, suspended-sediment loads, and the pres- ence of pesticides in Iowa rivers can have deleterious effects on water quality in State streams, downstream major rivers, and the Gulf of Mexico. Fertilizer and pesticides are used to support crop growth
© Iowa Economic Development Authority(January 2012)
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Summary: The Greening your District training is intended to provide information and resources to Main Street communities throughout Iowa regarding green – or sustainable – approaches to building or re-constructing public spaces within historic commercial districts (downtowns), including streets, sidewalks, alleys,
© Rick Klann, Upper Iowa University(October 2011)
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Summary: This report presents an analysis o f physical and chemical parameters o f water quality ofOtter Creek from May- October in 2011. This report also presents the results of benthic invertebrate surveys conducted during May and September of 2011.
© Mary Skopec(October 2010)
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Summary: Residents of northeast Iowa have experienced this situation first-hand. The Turkey River had major flooding events in 1991, 1999, 2004, 2008 and 2010. The 1991 flood was greater than a predicted 500-year event and 1.5 times more than the previous
Categories: Flood Mitigation
© USGS(December 2006)
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Summary: Severe flooding occurred on May 23, 2004, in the Turkey River Basin in Clayton County and in the Maquoketa River Basin in Delaware County following intense thunderstorms over northeast Iowa. Rain gages at Postville and Waucoma, Iowa, recorded 72-hour rainfall
Categories: Flood Mitigation