Flood Inundation Map for Elkader

Flood Inundation Map for Elkader

During recent flood events, many Iowans have found it difficult to relate flood forecast information to risks within their community. To help translate flood forecasting information into an easy-to-use format, the Iowa Flood Center is developing flood inundation maps for select Iowa communities.

IFC researchers are creating physics-based computer models to predict how a flood wave travels through urban floodplains. These high-resolution models can illustrate the extent of flooding under different conditions allowing Iowans to see how predicted flood levels could affect their property, and in turn helping them make informed decisions.

Flood Inundation Map for Elkader: http://ifis.iowafloodcenter.org/ifis/main/?m=Elkader

Further Information: http://iowafloodcenter.org/projects/flood-inundation-maps/

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