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Prairie Strips

“An Iowa State University research team has discovered that strategically adding a little bit of prairie back onto the agricultural landscape can result in many benefits – in water and soil quality, habitat for wildlife and pollinators, as well as opportunities for biomass production. Learn more about this new conservation practice and the excitement it is generating both within and outside Iowa.”

View a short video on Prairie Strips Here

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Water Quality Efforts Soak Up the Benefits in Monona

permeable parking lot in Monona

A press release by the DNR  regarding the permeable paver parking lot in Monona has garnered a lot of attention. The video in the release on February 10, 2015 has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. The DNR has also fielded many calls inquiring about the project. The permeable paver parking lot was completed in 2014 by the City of Monona in an effort to reduce the water quantity and improve the water quality of a nearby un-named tributary that eventually feeds into the Turkey River.  … Read more ›

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Iowa’s Low Hanging Fruit – Stream Buffer Rule = Cleaner Water, Little Cost

This article is summarizing the minimal amount of land and cost required to put vegetative buffers along Iowa’s waterways. Currently, there is no regulation requiring such practices. Fifty foot buffers are required in the state of Minnesota. more ›

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No-till, strip-till prove profitable for farmer

Wayne Fredericks says he isn’t a poster child for conservation.

But the 63-year-old farmer near Osage is willing to test ideas, gather data about the results, and see what works best in the field.

“Farmers have been real hungry for data,” said Fredericks, a farmer participating in the Rock Creek watershed improvement project in north-central Iowa. “They want to know what these practices are going to do and how they will affect yields and the bottom line.… Read more ›

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Monona Aquatic Center Parking Lot SRF Project Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

8-28-2014 — The City of Monona unveiled the brand new parking lot at the LeRoy & Colleen Darby Family Aquatic Center to a group of partners and citizens.  The new parking lot features a new surface made up of permeable pavers designed to eliminate most of the runoff from the formerly gravel parking lot.

Monona Barb Collins cuts the ribbon for the new aquatic center parking lot

Monona Barb Collins cuts the ribbon for the new aquatic center parking lot

In addition to being more environmentally friendly, the revisions make the parking lot more practical.  … Read more ›

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How did the Turkey River Watershed Respond to a 2.43 inch Rain?

Between Sunday May 11th and Monday May 12th, 2014, the Turkey River Watershed received on average 2.43 inches of rainfall. Two Iowa Flood Center rain gauges placed in  the watershed recorded the 2.55 and 2.31 inches of rainfall(rain gauge data can be accessed here).  Attached is a series of pictures that contrasts how agricultural lands in the Turkey River Watershed received and responded to the rain that fell over that 48 hour period.  … Read more ›

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New Programs Authorized by the 2014 Farm Bill Help Restore Wetlands, Support Outdoor Recreation Activities, Boost the Economy

ORRTANNA, Pa., May 1, 2014—Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced today that applications are now being accepted for new, landmark conservation initiatives created by the 2014 Farm Bill. The programs will provide up to $386 million to help farmers restore wetlands, protect working agriculture lands, support outdoor recreation activities and boost the economy.

Vilsack made the announcement at Kuhn Orchards in Orrtanna, Pennsylvania.

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Erosion estimated to cost Iowa $1 billion in yield

Wind and rainstorms like those that pummeled most of Iowa last week help carry tons of rich, fertile topsoil from its farmland each year — and potentially cut $1 billion in yield from the state’s 88,000 farms, says an Iowa State University agronomy professor.

Read the rest of the article here:

Erosion Article

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Turkey River Watershed Management Authority Featured in Iowa DNR Clean Water Newsletter

Clean Water Starts With Us

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Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy: A farmer’s perspective

Check out the attached article written by an Iowa farmer.… Read more ›

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Funds Available For Water Quality Projects

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey today encouraged eligible groups to apply for grants to support projects that will improve water quality in the state.  Approximately $1 million is available through the Watershed Improvement Review Board to support qualifying projects.

Funds are available to local watershed improvement committees, soil and water conservation districts, public water supply utilities, county conservation boards, cities and counties.… Read more ›

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